Jodi Forestell

I love to shoot portrait photography! And the shot is always better when my subject is unaware that I am there. It's great fun and I am always honoured when asked to do it.


Monday, December 7, 2009

Samantha's & Ryan's maternity shoot.

I worked with Samantha at LaCachette restaurant in Niagara-on-the-Lake.
I was thrilled when she contacted me to shoot these portraits for her.
She was quite nervous when we first started. Actually, she was very nervous!
We took our time, had a visit, she relaxed and did a great job!
She is a gorgeous woman!

We shot everything with just available window light. My favorite way to shoot!

This shot with both Sam and Ryan is one of favorites! They're just an adorable couple.
He did everything he could for her during the shoot to make her feel more comfortable.
And...he was a great help to me! Held up my backdrops up for me.
Thanks Ryan!

The first time I walked into their home and saw the loft, I knew I wanted to use it.
We got some really cool shots from this angle.
Sam was quite 'comfy cozy' in these shots.
I told her to just melt into Ryan...and she did!
I think she would have been quite happy to shoot the rest right there in his arms.

Thank you Ryan and Sam for allowing me to capture this amazing time.
I am looking forward to meeting your little one...I'll be sure to bring my camera!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Katie & Jay

Katie & Jay are my newest clients.
We met for the first time this past Wednesday
at Burnham Park in Peterborough.
Katie is just a tiny little thing and Jay is 6'4"!
They were fun and easy to photograph.

One of the best things about being so new to the Peterborough area, is that I get to see all of these lovely parks for the first time! Burnham Park was their is beautiful.

We went for quite the little hike during our time together...I was huffing and puffing!
I had gear to carry...yeah...let's go with that excuse!

Beautiful smiles and warm hearts!

I am looking forward to photographing your wedding next October!

It was so great to meet and spend time with you both.
Thank you.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Jeff and Julia are not just clients...they are friends.

This is the second time I have had the pleasure of photographing their beautiful little family.

Their little boy is such a joy. All smiles all the time!

I could just eat him up!

I couldn't stop clicking the shutter...he's just so cute!
And funny, funny funny!

I was piling leaves on my head to make him worked for mom and dad too.

It was fun.

We shot at Port Weller beach in St.Catharines. It's one of my favorite spots.
You get both the beach and the park setting.

He LOVED this...wee!
Big smiles...
...and more smiles!

Aren't they adorable?
I love them!

This last shot was Julia's idea. I think it turned out well.

Thank you so much for asking me to photograph your family again.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Bambi Cantrell comes to Canada!

I am huge fan of Bambi Cantrell! I have been for many years. When I heard
she was coming to do a workshop in Burlington...I knew I had to attend.
What a day it was. I enjoyed every single minute and learned so just one day!
American Photo magazine names her as one of the best "10 wedding photographers in the world."
I like this shot...Bambi and her little ducks. We all just followed her lead.
She has SO much energy.

Our little model Laura...adorable! Poor girl...there was one model for all ten of us to share.
I felt like the paparazzi!

We had fun playing with different light.
The whole shoot was with available light only.

Laura was a good sport...she did whatever we asked. "Sure" was her answer to everyone of us!

Dragging the shutter! I love the feel of this one. A bride rushing to the ceremony maybe?
This was one of my favorites. Bambi's idea....of course!

The master at work. She was amazing to watch...very funny too.
She really is so talented.
Thanks Bambi for coming to Canada!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Becky & Ryan

Becky and Ryan were married on October 10, 2009 in St.Catharines.
Decew Falls was the choice for portraits...a great choice I think.
They are a gorgeous couple, inside and out.
Oh...did I mention that this is another Kegger wedding? I worked with Ryan, his brother Tyler and sister Kayla at the (and miss) those Keggers!

Ryan was a nervous groom, but he was okay once everything got started. This was quiet moment with his best man and brother Tyler.

They had a full mass at St.Patrick's church.

Ryan and Becky are so fortunate to have such wonderful supportive families. I truly think their parents were just as excited on this day as the bride and groom.
Monica and Becky...mother and daughter. This was the first time I had met Becky's parents. Becky is a very kind, quiet, sweet and gentle girl. I now know where she gets these traits from. Her parents are lovely.

Ryan's mom Cathy is absolutely in love with her children. She came to me just as were about to finish shooting portraits and asked "can I have a photo all by myself with Ryan?"
She is a sweet's easy to see how close their entire family is.
Becky is a beautiful girl...everyday and as a bride.
This shawl was very belonged to her grandmother. It came in handy on that Saturday, as it was a little chilly. It was an after thought to take some photos with her wearing it. I am so glad we did.
I have to admit Ryan...I've always thought that you are one handsome guy. I am sure your mom and wife agree!
Sisterhood....Ryan's sister and Becky's three sisters...very nice.
The boys....what more can I say?
Once in a while, I'll ask the groom to dip his bride. I usually have to guide them through it and often the bride gets a little bit nervous..."don't drop me" is what I hear.
It's always a fun shot...the mill in the background pulls this shot together.

When I sent them over to the bench to snuggle, I didn't realize how great the shot would be!
I just love reflection...I could have kept shooting this all day long!
Ryan and Becky, thank you so very much for choosing Parkes Images to photograph your special day.
It was a great great day!