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I love to shoot portrait photography! And the shot is always better when my subject is unaware that I am there. It's great fun and I am always honoured when asked to do it.


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Terra & Logan

Terra & Logan were married in Fenelon Falls on August 7, 2010.
Terra's gown gorgeous!
It had a shimmering blue hue to it and she could not wait to put it on.
Every bride chooses her shoes very carefully for the big day and
Terra was no exception.
Great shoes Terra!
The ceremony was held at Fenelon Falls United Church.
A very pretty church. I LOVE when a church has a balcony.
The ceremony was very emotional for their families and friends.
This couple is surrounded by love!

I did ask Terra & Logan to enjoy a long and solid long kiss so I could capture it.
They the point where the congregation started to giggle.

Terra a was sweet and beautiful bride. I am sure her cheeks must have
been sore by the end of the day.
Smiles! Smiles! Smiles!

We shot many photos with the weding party. More than I ususally do.
This was at the request of Terra & Logan.
These people mean so very much to them.
The reception and photos were at Royal Resort in Fenolon Falls.
Terra used to be an employee there. It was beautifully done!

The girls!
Many giggles all day long!

The guys....need I say more?

Congratulations Terra & Logan!
You are a truly lovely couple.
I so enjoyed being a part of your wedding day.
Thank you so much.
All the best!