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I love to shoot portrait photography! And the shot is always better when my subject is unaware that I am there. It's great fun and I am always honoured when asked to do it.


Friday, October 1, 2010

Jeff & Sheila

Jeff and Sheila won a portrait session with me at a silent auction that was
held at Buckhorn Public School.
Both of our children attend BPS so it was a treat for me to do portraits
for a local family.

Sheila loves her home and since they are moving very soon,
she wanted the portraits shot there.

They have a gorgeous property and I could have kept shooting
for hours at so many different locations.

Jeff and Sheila are a very large part of the Buckhorn community
making generous donations to a variety of events and structures.

Their little guy kept me moving but he did enjoy being a model.
This image is one of my favorites. I love that genuine smile!

Chelsea is one of their three family dogs. She has been
around the longest and was constantly asking to be in the portraits.
We finally gave in and allowed to be a part of the action.

This image is not the sharpest but I could not resist posting it.
When we finished shooting and were walking back towards the house,
I turned to see him taking off his shirt, belt and tie off...he couldn't wait!

Thank you Jeff and Sheila for inviting me to your beautiful home to capture
these portraits for you. It was so much fun.
Call me anytime Sheila to come and get those horse photos done!

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