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I love to shoot portrait photography! And the shot is always better when my subject is unaware that I am there. It's great fun and I am always honoured when asked to do it.


Friday, October 29, 2010

Andrew & Miranda

Andrew, Miranda and I met this past Saturday for the
first time at her mom's home in Bancroft.
As I walked into the house, I could only smell the turkey
that was roasting in the oven.
I was even invited to join them for dinner!

We first headed to Millennium Park in Bancroft.
Love that bridge!

When we were finished at the park, we went to the Eagle's Nest.
It's a look out with a view of Bancroft.
It is quite the vertical incline to drive up but totally worth it.

Miranda asked for a 'piggyback' shot.
To my surprise though..she wanted to give the piggy
back ride to Andrew! She's a tiny little thing and it was no
easy task....she a strong one!

Thank you to Adam Woodhouse for passing along my name to this lovely couple.
I look forward to your day in June 2011!

1 comment:

Steve said...

I have never been invited to stay for dinner! Nice relaxed shots reminiscent of a Pre Wedding. Good images.